Benefits Of Authentic Teak Wood Furniture

Benefits Of Authentic Teak Wood Furniture

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5 Key Reasons to Purchase Teak Products

Originally discovered in the forests of Southeast Asia, tectona grandis produces some of the world’s most valuable lumber. Teak has historically been used for the construction of boat building, exterior construction, veneer, furniture, carvings and various other wood projects. The durability of teak wood is simply world-renowned and is known for its ability to withstand the elements. This highly desirable material is considered to be one of the best when picking furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Here’s why:


1. Resistance to Water

The Teak tree has natural waterproofing properties that make the wood durable throughout high and low climate changes. Due to the wood’s uniquely high levels of oil and rubber, teak maintains its water repellency even after being cut and processed. Whether it’s used as decking or patio furniture, teak is guaranteed to be one of the most dependable woods around which means you can count on your money being well spent towards longevity.

 2. “Noble” Wood

Teak is considered a noble wood, due to its high durability, soft aroma, color and resistance. Being that teak wood originates from deciduous trees, it is able to resist the long-term damaging effects of moisture and can endure both the extreme heat and cold. Teak is classified as a Class 1 wood, which means that it will not warp over time and is easily repurposed, only needing a bit of teak oil to be refinished. 

 3. Corrosion Resistant

Another amazing unique advantage of this wood: it even has the ability to prevent rust and corrosion on the metal elements that are in contact with the wood. It’s also decay resistant and has anti-termite, anti-fungus properties. Its strength is certainly why teak makes such excellent wood for any home element – especially outside and in the bathroom.

4. Stiffness Properties

Teak wood is stiffer than many common woods and unlike a variety of softwoods, teak has a wide range of uses for both indoors and out. Whether you use it for flooring or a simple bathroom mat, teak is resistant to impact, reducing the need for maintenance while maintaining the integrity for years to come.

 5. Visual Beauty

Although this long-lasting wood is known for being perfect for exterior use, the beauty of the grain and rich color is reason enough to use this material inside your home. Its elegant warm finish is perfect for interior furniture. Aside from its beauty, one should not forget the practical superiority of teak wood. Furniture and home finishings made from teak are well worth the investment as they do stand the test of time.